Edific is an utility specially oriented to network administrators and technical systems staff, allowing unattended updates in text and INI files.

It works with text files in INI format, flat text and registry, being able to make the following operations:

  • To insert, modify and erase keys and sections of files INI
  • To add and erase flat text lines
  • To modify substrings in files
  • To edit and modify multiple files
  • To work with the System Registry

the program is executed from the system console and there are two versions:

  • the one of 32 bits (95/98/NT/2000), with all the features
  • the one of 16 (DOS/3.x), that doesn't support the registry handling operations.

The help file is in English. This tool is freeware.





Edific 2.2 16/32b & help (350Kb)

Edific 2.2 32b & help (300Kb)

Edific 2.2 16b & help (300Kb)

Only help (275Kb)

Only  programs 16/32b (75Kb)









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