L0stat Statistics

L0stat generates an statistical report of strength of NT accounts and passwords.

This utility gets the L0phtCrack* result files or the LC3 exported text results file and treats the data to give the NT or security administrator a global view of security of their SAM database.

As a way to discover NT passwords, L0phtCrack are LC3 great tools.

But if you don't want to know the passwords themselves but the global security view of passwords quality, you should go one step beyond. For example, how you can evaluate the security level of an NT entreprise's database with 1000 accounts ?

There is the place for L0stat.
L0stat doesn't replaces L0phtCrack. L0stat is a reporting tool of data retrieved with L0phtCrack or LC3.

The report is generated with graphics in html format and has two parts:

Basic Analysis

Basic Analysis is a summary or global view of the report. It's the most useful information because indicates how many passwords are null, same as the name account and the lengths.

  • Total accounts
  • how many null passwords, same passwords as accounts, revealed passwords
  • type of characters on password contents
  • distribution of passwords classified by their lengths

Position Analysis

Position Analysis is an advanced study of contents of revealed passwords and could show some particular interesting patterns, revealing the nature of passwords, that could mean a security exposure.

  • Amount of revealed characters at each password string position
  • Frequency of characters depending on positions.
  • Top 5 most repeated characters
  • Top 10 combinations of 2 to 5 characters
  • Resemblances between accounts and passwords

see a sample report generated by l0stat or
get the sample report ziped file .

It works on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

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 l0stat 1.1 (1,34Mb)

 Sample of l0stat results (127Kb)

After one year working with this tool, now we decide to set it

free for non-commercial use.


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