Relay TCP

RelayTCP allows to redirect TCP/IP connections from a local port to a remote IP and port.

There is two versions of the software:

  • RelayTCP command line: is a command line executable to make one socket redirection.
  • RelayTCP service: is a NT service that allows make multiple redirections.

Both versions are 32 bits and use winsock APIs. Command line version works on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000; service version is for NT and 2000.

Relay TCP has the capability to record all the connections made and the data transferred.

The command line version is interesting to do simple tests or investigate the data inside the sockets.


Relay TCP 1.0 (All)

Relay TCP command 1.0

Relay TCP Service 1.0

PDF Documentation

This software is free.

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Automated info of RelayTCP command line in PAD .xml format here






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