TreeNetCopy provides file mirroring between NT/2000 computers using TCP/IP transport.

This utility is specially designed to work in WAN environment, usually with slow communications links, to replicate repository directory resources.

    sample of replica transferring data

    sample of  server replica  transferring
    data cocurrently for 2 clients

The main features this utility provides are:

  • Multiple-sides replication
  • Differents copy behaviour models: Master/Slave, Peer-to-Peer
  • Transfer only modified or newly created files
  • Flexible configuration of TCP/IP components
  • Filter to accept TCP/IP connections
  • Filter of files to be replicated
  • Compression of files before transfer
  • Filter of files to compress
  • Authentication based on challenge/response password
  • Schedule of replica work
  • Able to manage multiple mirror sides
  • Work as a NT/2000 Service

TreeNetCopy works on computers that fulfill the requeriments:

  • Installed OS Windows NT 4.0 SP 4, Windows 2000
  • 128 Mb RAM Memory


    sample of  configuration of tcp/ip parameters

    sample of  creation a replica



TreeNetCopy 2.0 (2Mb)

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This utiliy is shareware.
You have 30 days to evaluate it.
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