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10 REM
30 GOTO JJC's main

30 Coins 

The History of 30 durosPresentation screen

Programming: J. M. Jimenez
Graphics: J.C. Galindo & J.M. Jimenez

"A tax employee must go to receive up to 150 pesetas (that's 30 coins of 5 pesetas,  called "duros") as a debt taxes in two places: inside the earth between the human and the hellish; and in a typical office building of any city.

The characters that live in there will no hesitate on kill him in order to keep their benefits. That's by our star has a gun to shot them.

The thirty coins are distributed along all the scenaries. In order to access to all coins, you must open doors with the keys. Some memorial stones and cashiers' desks have hide keys that you can obtain by shooting them.

Each place has five stages or depth levels. You must use the elevators or transporters in order to go up and down.

Be careful about what way you choose to go. Perhaps you find a not-way situation if you don't have the necessary keys. You can use always the ESC key to destroy yourself and end the game.

When you had the 30 coins you must look for the screet door called the wolf mouth..."

The Screenshots

the hell
Part One : the hell in the first stage

the quasimodo place
Part One : Be careful with the quasimodo

take the keys !
Part One : Using the transporter

at the office
Part Two: the office:

the cellars
Part Two: in the cellars

wolf mouth
Part Two: The wolf mouth

The Map

This is the map - Press here to get it greaterDon't get lost !

I let you the map of the game of the first part.

The second part is at your own risk !




The Keys

  • The cursor keys to go right, left and jump with the up key.
  • The space key to shoot
  • The down cursor key to activate the elavators

You can use the joystick also.

In any moment, you can use the ESC key to get killed.

The Files

Here you have the files in DSK format ready to run at the FMSX-DOS emulator by doing FMSX-DOS -diska 30DUROS.DSK or FMSX-DOS -diska 30DUROS2.DSK for the second part.

  30Duros (Parts 1 & 2) Zip file 80K

Also there is the game in wave file format to load from tape. Connect your MSX ear jack to the speaker of your sound card, put run"cas:" at your micro and play any of these files

  30Duros part 1 - Zip file 150K

  30Duros part 2 - Zip file 150K

It is important to note that this file will expand into a lot of Mb in your hard disk.

The Tricks

Hey ! Please tell me If you like the game (or not). Send me an email with your opinion and I will tell to you a trick to have infinite life ;-)