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10 REM
30 GOTO JJC's main

The MSX-BASIC games

Programming: J. M. Jimenez

I wrote my first games in BASIC. There are some of my best BASIC games. The first ones were published by an spanish MSX magazine, msxclub, which was the best MSX magazine in the country.


Presentation screenI made a penalty game based on Konami's soccer.
You can play versus the MSX or two players. Each player has five shoots to goal.

You can use cursor keyboard or joystick to play

It was published at number 33 of msxclub magazine, on September 1987



Presentation screen Peras (pears) is a maze game were you must collect 14 pears in each stage. Be careful on the blue pears, because they kill you. You need to shoot to them to turn them whites.

If you has no exit in any circumstance, you can press ESC to get dead.

The end of the game becomes at 16th stage.

You can use cursor keyboard or joystick to play.

This game was published number 43 of msxclub magazine, on July 1988


Presentation screenRompeplatos (break-dishes) is a QBert-like simple game where you (a pear- Sorry, I don't know why I was so obsesed about pears :-) must break all the dishes. The scisors and forks will convert you in pear marmalade.






I included all these games into a .dsk file that you can download as a zip:

  BASIC Games - Zip file 30K

But if you have only a cassette tape, there is another way to play these games: Just connect your sound card speaker with your msx ear jack, put the PC volume and wave at maximum, put cload on the MSX and play one of these files (first expand them to the hard drive) with the multimedia player.

 Penalty sound tape file - Zip file 30K

  Peras sound tape file - Zip file 30K

  Rompeplatos sound tape file - Zip file 30K