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Maze of Time 

The History of "Laberinto del Tiempo"Presentation screen

Programming: J. M. Jimenez
Graphics: J.C. Galindo & J.M. Jimenez

"The Maze of Time is an adventure along the time. The player must get free from each of the nine mazes of the time created to make dificult his travel to the end of the times...

The mazes are on the prehistory, the ancient Egipt, the old Rome, the middle age, the french revolution, the industrial revolution, the second world war, nowadays and the future...

Each maze is new and unique, it's circular and you have always any exit. But is not so easy. Before reach the exit you have to get the sand clock and, during the time, you must find and get four keys that allows you to open the exit door.

At the maze, there is some blocks that dissapear by shooting them.

You have also some enemies of the current age and phantoms of the time , that will kill you.

Finally, you will see the end of the civilizations..."

The Screenshots

the prehistory
At the prehistory

going to the II WW
At the presentation screen of the II world war

that's the II WW
At the II world war

The 2K years (we're still so far)
At the 2000 years

the screen to the 2K years
At the presentation screen of the 2K years

The end of the game
Could be the end ?

The Keys

  • The cursor keys to go right, left, up and down.
  • The space key to shoot

You can use the joystick also.

In any moment, you can use the ESC key to become dead.

The Files

Here you have the file in DSK format ready to run at the FMSX-DOS emulator by doing FMSX-DOS -diska LABTIME.DSK

  Laberinto del Tiempo - Zip file 80K

Also there is the first part of the game in wave file format to load from tape. Connect your MSX ear jack to the speaker of your sound card, put run"cas:" at your micro and play this file

  Laberinto del Tiempo wav - Zip file 120K

It is important to note that this file will expand into a lot of Mb in your hard disk.

The Tricks

Hey ! Please tell me If you like the game (or not). Send me an email with your opinion and I will tell to you a trick to view all the screens, even the end.

The Notes

Each time the computer creates an entire maze and ensures there is an exit. It's also a circular maze: if you go straight to the left, you will get the starting point !

The computer spents many time on creating the maze. That's the reason for showing so many time the presentation screen.

Yes, I had problems with my old tapes and some screen presentation grafics are bad. I apologize.