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10 REM
30 GOTO JJC's main

Linea 4

Programming: J. M. Jimenez

That's the popular game of connect four pieces in a line. Now you have the game on your MSX.

There is two options to play: playing two people or play against the MSX.

Presentation screenAt first choice between one or two players. Use the cursor keys and the space key.

If you want to play versus the MSX, choice who will start playing.

At the game, press the number of the column where the piece will be inserted and then ENTER.

Try to win the MSX at the 4-on-line !


The Keys

  • The cursor keys up and down to choice, the ENTER key to confirm
  • The key numbers 1 to 6 to specify the columns.

The Files

Here you have the file in DSK format ready to run at the FMSX-DOS emulator by doing FMSX-DOS -diska LN4.DSK

  Linea 4 - Zip file 80K

If you have an MSX with tape cables, you can also load this game into your micro by putting the ear jack into the out-line of the sound card, executing bload¨cas:",r in the micro and playing this wav file on the Windows media player:

  Linea 4 sound tape file - Zip file 30K

The Notes

This was my first game completely designed and written in machine code. But I had not still any assembler program, so I had to write all the algorithms and instructions and then translate them to code numbers.

I'm surprised for that I did then !