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These are some games I made ten years ago at least. I had to recover them from my old tapes in order to run them on the MSX emulators on PC.

I've tried some emulators and I think the best is FMSX-DOS.

At first, I had some problems because FMSX-DOS has disk support and my old MSX not. I've modified my games in order to run them on the emulator and the original micro as well.

These programs are binary code-machine files.

All these games are in a packaged .DSK file, ready to run by any emulator.

All my games are in spanish. Sorry for this, but when I made them I didn't thought to share them on the Net (I didn't known it existed :-). I think it shouldn't be a problem.

These games are free, but you cannot distribute nor modify them. If you like these games, please email me. It's the only way I have to know you're there.

Then now, let's go to play games !