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Hi MSXers !

My start on computers was at the 80's - when I was teenager, I guess like many other people.

Then there was many popular microcomputer systems, like Siclair's Spectrum, Commodore, Amstrad, MSX.

I didn't know what system was better, but by reviewing some friends computers, my election was clear: MSX

It was the first home computer with sound chip and video device processor for the community and with the most powerful BASIC.

I made some programs on my HitBit MSX-1, on BASIC and machine code, under the JJC Software name. After, when I had my first PC, I kept my MSX.

But nowadays, I'm seeing so many people with their new advanced MSX on the Net, showing that MSX is not dead at all.

Then I thought that it will be great to share my games and utilities with other MSX-people that enjoys this terrific system.


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